Dariusz Zawadzki was born i Szczecin in 1958. Since childhood, he has been known as a person of incredible sensitivity. His works are commonly admired for their ability to move, and also an incredible amount of detail. His style is one of a kind. Dariusz Zawadzki is quickly becoming one of the most popular fantasy painters in the world. His paintings are often being sold well before they are finished.

He paints using oil technique, usually on fibreboard. Zawadzki’s paintings are known for their classical facture, depth, and incredible metaphor and colour palette. Zawadzki is also a very good sculpturer.

I’ve always had various visions and dreams, building these surrealistic worlds in my imagination. First were the worlds, then I felt the need to express them by drawing. When I was eleven, I started painting. I wanted to go to an art school, but I was rejected because ‘my vision is too weak’. Well, I can’t agree with that… Since then, I’ve been learning by myself. Do I regret choosing this path? No. It was probably harder, but it let me develop my own techniques.

I never use a sketchbook, becaue I don’t want to force myself to paint something I’ve already drawn on paper. My favourite moment is when I stand before a white, blank board. Then I simultaneously know, and wonder, what will emerge from this blankness. I know what I want to paint, I just don’t know how will it look.


The reproductions are made on fibreboards. The overprint is crafted using a high-quality digital printing method. Each reproduction is framed using a beautiful wooden frame . A certificate is attached to each reproduction.